Ely Residence

The Ely residence, is designed for a family of four, and includes a mother-in-law ADU. The design reflects long lasting natural modern materials. The design emphasizes the family gathering spaces and minimizes the utilitarian garage space. In addition, the landscape is designed to support the architecture. The car and garage is relegated to a secondary position. The home is positioned for maximum southern exposure and easy access to the outdoors, and  as an extension of interior living spaces. 


The interior renovation project for an existing home, to create a modern layout with solar concrete massing wall for cooling in summer and heating in winter months. The design aesthetic creates a formal circulation spline with landscape features that bring the outdoors into the home.

Olson Residence

The single-family residence reflects a simple modern design aesthetic for a family that enjoys the outdoors and aligning with exterior views. The design incorporates a functional wrap -around deck for casual relaxation. The home also includes a lap pool site with easy access to different parts of the home.

Small Cabin Design

A unique site for a small cabin, began with a request to provide a minimal footprint with a raised main floor.  The site is near natural wildlife and curious animals visit in the area frequently. The cabin represents a week-end getaway for a writer who draws inspiration from nature and the desire to have a strong connection to the outdoors. The cabin is also designed to be easily secured for winter season, but has the capability to function year round.

Tent Cabin Prototype

The off-grid cabin was designed as a kit of parts.  The wall and floors are designed as a portable panelized system, that can be easily erected to fit diverse site locations. In addition, the tent canvas is designed to be easily installed with light-weight structural roof bar and side supports that are securely fastened to the panelized floor structural system. The cabin is designed to be easily transported to various locations.

Zina Residence

The custom residence represents a simple but elegant modern design for a retired botanist. The home has a central core area of the home that is open to the outdoors and is sited to include natural views. In addition, the landscape is designed to support the architecture and becomes an integral part of the architecture.