Envisioneer's of Architecture + Design

Arc Castle Studio is a multifaceted architecture, and design planning studio. We serve unique clients, that seek solutions, that enhance the quality of life and provide one of a kind projects, We envision the future of architecture and design.

Our work represents a journey of exploring architecture both within and well beyond the strict boundaries; discovering human-centric design solutions both near and far.

Architecture must be more than crafting surface applied ornamentation. Design-work requires a journey, to explore and discover individual solutions for each client. It’s never self seeking, this represents a labor of love and a service of design excellence.

We design projects that innovate, and beautify. Designing for your unique lifestyle.  We serve to make your project dreams and fairy tale castles a reality.




Custom Residential
Spec Home Design
Whole House Remodel
ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units)


Boutique Interior Commercial
Master Planning
Project Management

Design Planning

Preliminary Site Plan Studies
Zoning Analysis and Site Data
Site Specific Feasibility Analysis
Site Options + Building Type Analysis


Creating outdoor spaces as extension of interior

Design Think Board

The Journey to Architecture and Design

Our Design Think Board Page is a storyboard of drawings, diagrams and sketches. We use this as a tool to share how design thinking can be utilized on a variety of project types. Including those outside the strict boundaries of architecture. Fundamentally this is about designing for the individual needs. We explore ideas and concepts with a design mindset. Utilizing our simple design tools, we develop solutions that combine the art with the science of architecture. As we work through diverse criteria and design objectives, it serves as a notebook or ‘think board’, in which we seek to improve the quality of life. 

We believe design planning represents a vital first step, and often overlooked link toward producing a meaningful architecture or design. Our design thinking approach becomes the basis for developing an authentic work. This serves to align not only the aesthetics with function(s), but with site specific objectives, budget, and other criteria.  Moving the project well beyond the status quo. The “Design Think Board” serves as a way to document our project board of various prototypes at various stages along our journey to architecture and design. We serve a unique client, and help solve design challenges, while seeking to develop creative solutions and produce one of a kind projects.

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