Ryan Residence - Room Analysis

Early planning entails an analysis of inter relationships of rooms and understanding the form and function before it moves forward into the next stage of development.

Program Analysis

Schematic analysis is a critical part of the developing any project. The first go around is only the start. A project that entails design planning will develop a meaningful program.

Massing Study

The program development develops into a massign model were different ideas are explored. These are refined so as to refine the program, function, and aesthetics.

Ryse Buble Diagram

The Buble diagram is used in developing the project to ascertain important space relationships and functions. The diagrammatic planning helps to organize and develop the project based on program data

Story Mapping

Each project has its own unique story. The overall form, function and type of project, represents specific requirements. Each element of the project is documented, and forms a storyboard that is used to develop into a site specific map. At Arc Castle Studio, we believe in the power of story to create and serve as an important mapping tool. 

Brittney Residnece

In concert with developing the program for a single family residence. There are simultaneous ongoing tasks that need to be developed. Schematic planning is utilized to harmonize this process and visually align the program requirements. In addition, the overall form and it’s relationship to the entire site must also be evaluated.