I need to speak with you personally, how can I do this?

The best way to reach me currently is via my company email. This is reviewed each day

Will you be a guest on my podcast?

I love podcasts. I will seriously consider every request. Please use the contact form below and clarify the request in the subject line.

Where do we begin with new project inquiries?

Each project is unique, and exact requirements can vary. Prior to starting a project we begin the process with a introductory conference call to learn about you and pertinent project data, Basic question, such as your project thoughts, schedule, location, budget, etc. From this introductory call, we can set up a meeting to meet and discuss the specific project in greater detail. And your questions for us and how we serve our clients,   

After our interview call, a formal client meeting can be established with the client, and a detailed information packet can be supplied at that time to facilitate a formal meeting. Our goal is to first align our common objectives and as always do all that we can to ensure a process that has the very best alignment in place to serve the client.

How does Arc Castle Studio help our clients, and distinguish our services?

Although custom design services are important to us, we believe the overarching emphasis must first be on being a trusted resource and provider of professional services. The human relationships that are developed are immensely greater than any physical structure.
Our work began with a foundation that we best our clients, by being aligned with what we do best. Our work provides architectural design thinking with a human-centered approach in developing strategies, ideas, and concepts that incorporate the art with the science, to solve complex problems and enhance the quality of life for the client.

What is Design Thinking?

The design process is a critical process toward solving problems and creating value in the result. Design thinking represents a mindset that orders the design process in a way that maximizes creating meaningful, ordered solutions aligning scope, budget, and schedule.
Each project is different, but generally can follow the noted process:
1. Seeking to understand
2. Explore and discover,
3. Ideate,
4. Prototype,
5. Test and implement,

Are there helpful guidelines or recommendations the client can consider before starting a project?

We always recommend to potential clients that they explore and understand their design preferences, budget, and scope very early on before the design process takes place. This process can be daunting, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to explore and discover function and ideal living patterns.
There are many decisions to be made, and to facilitate this process, I encourage potential clients to tap into the resources that are available here at Arc Castle Studio as a preliminary consult. These services help our clients with an ordered process that substantially helps them to navigate a complicated process in a simple, sequential ordered way, so as not to overwhelm but to inform and educate.

What steps should I anticipate in developing the project, and how long will it take?

In general, for new and many remodeling projects, there is a general process that is followed to establish an ordered methodology that best aligns with successful outcomes. Although each project is different, we generally follow the noted phases and brief description:
Pre-Design: programming, budgeting, scope, site analysis, zoning, and schedule Schematic Design: concept development, massing, floor plans, model development, prelim elevations,
Design Development: developing further detailed plans, interior elevations, elect- mech criteria, details, sections, and finishes.
Construction Documents: Detailed construction documents, and permit application. Bid set.
Bidding: interview general contractor, assess questions, review bids, and assess bids to be in alignment with scope.
Construction Administration: site visits, addressing questions, construction in conformance to design, clarification sketches, process change orders, special inspections, coordination with all disciplines, punch-list.

Still have more questions, reach out and fill out the contact form: