Coffee Shop Project "Q"

The study model represents the coffee shop “Q” for a cost effective approach, by utilizing (2) two shipping containers.  The modified containers create a modern and streamlined approach to functionality and the ease in which the project can be erected on-site. Key benefits can also be realized in providing a simplified approach to the construction process, and budget and meeting accelerated construction schedule. 

Shops at Plymouth Creek

The shopping center was designed with new pedestrian pathways to connect to the adjacent community, and allow for pedestrian access. The landscape design supported the architecture and connected to existing pedestrian paths and walkways connecting to the adjacent community.

The Motorcycle Center

Proposed scope for renovating existing motorcycle dealership. New conference room, enhanced functionality, and operation improvements to the facility. The design reflects a modern human centric approach to enhancing the existing operation and providing a fresh updated “brand” with enhanced streamlined “simple” yet elegant design. 

Gelato Shop

Entry and exterior renovation to transform the 450sf ice creme shop. The design transformed the traditional design into a streamlined modern shop that reflected the shops new brand.

Home Cafe

Design for small coffee and consignment shop with a unique operational scope and location requirements.  The design approach represents a collaborative effort in working with the owner and local building code officials to problem solve a very compact building site.  Proving that good things come in small packages. 

The Grand Garage Renovation

Masonry repair of existing 1880’s historic building in Stillwater Mn. The building is located within the historic district The repair work was performed to replace damaged brick and mortar joint to match the existing structure in keeping with its landmark status.