Sia Plan

The plan was created to align the existing residence to a formal garden. In addition, the design was crafted to strengthen and connect interior rooms to the exterior with a formal path and function.

Ryan Fire Pit Gathering

The exterior fire pit garden design becomes an extension of the home. The site is designed as an integral part of the function of the home. the exterior landscape design creates an extension of the interior functions.

Kryian landscape design

The exterior landscape plan was created to include stone walls and landscape features that supported the architecture. The landscape plan ties the architecture to the site.

TJ Site and landscape design

Site plan design for soft and hardscape surfaces that support the various functions of the single family residence. Pool area and ADU locations are designed to provide an orderly arrangement and function that serves the single family residence

Property Gate Design

A formal entry to the existing estate defines the entry to the property. Providing a simple yet elegant and formal entry to the property while also serving as a security gate.

Park Plan

Landscape design for a new public park, defined by perimeter trees and a meandering path and grasses around perimeter.